The rules for playing Press That Button are relatively simple. Players are presented with a statement that offers a hypothetical scenario and a choice between pressing a button that would trigger the scenario or not pressing the button and avoiding the consequences. Here are the basic steps for playing the game:

  1. Choose a scenario: The game presents players with various scenarios. Players can choose the scenario they want to play by clicking on it.
  2. Read the scenario: Once a scenario has been selected, the player must read the statement carefully to understand the situation being presented.
  3. Consider the trade-off: The scenario will present a trade-off where pressing the button will have a positive consequence but also a negative consequence. Players must consider the trade-off carefully and decide whether they will press the button or not, weighing the benefits against the drawbacks.
  4. Make a choice: Once the player has considered the trade-off, they must make a choice. They can either press the button and trigger the scenario or choose not to press the button and avoid the consequences.
  5. See the result: After the player has made their choice, the game will reveal the consequences of their decision. Players can see the outcome of both pressing and not pressing the button.
  6. Repeat: Players can continue playing the game by selecting another scenario and going through the same steps.

It's important to note that there are no right or wrong answers in Press That Button. The game is designed to challenge players to think critically and consider their values. Each scenario is meant to be thought-provoking, and players may find that their choices change depending on the situation being presented.

Overall, the rules for playing Press That Button are straightforward. Players must read the scenario, consider the trade-off, make a choice, and see the outcome. With various scenarios to choose from, the game offers endless opportunities for exploration and self-reflection, including pressing the red button, would you rather button, and other variations of pressing or not pressing the button.

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