Press That Button is a popular online game that asks players to consider a series of relationship-related scenarios and make difficult decisions about love, friendship, and family. The game presents players with thought-provoking ethical and moral dilemmas, asking them if they would press a button that could drastically alter their relationships.

For example, would you press the button that guarantees your romantic partner's love and loyalty, but at the cost of preventing them from pursuing other relationships or interests? Or, would you push the button that repairs a damaged relationship with a family member, but at the expense of sacrificing your own career or personal goals?

One of the game's strengths is that it provides a broad range of relationship scenarios, allowing players to explore different aspects of their values and priorities. From romantic relationships to family dynamics, friendships, and workplace relationships, the scenarios challenge players to think deeply about the consequences of their actions and the impact on the people they care about.

Press That Button encourages players to engage in meaningful dialogue and explore the limits of their ethical and moral reasoning. Whether you choose to press the red button or not, the game provides a fun and thought-provoking way to explore the complexities of relationships and engage in deep reflection. So, will you press the button and see where it takes you?