About Us

PRESS THAT BUTTON is a captivating online game designed to provide an entertaining and engaging way for players to grapple with intricate ethical and moral dilemmas. Developed by a team of skilled programmers and game designers, the game challenges players to think critically and make tough decisions, while considering the consequences of their choices and the values that guide their decision-making process.
The game, which has gained popularity worldwide, has been played by millions of people and has sparked numerous discussions and debates on a wide range of topics. At its core, PRESS THAT BUTTON is about pushing players to think deeply and consider the ramifications of their actions. The game presents thought-provoking scenarios that require players to weigh competing values and priorities, often leaving them faced with challenging trade-offs.

The team behind PRESS THAT BUTTON is dedicated to maintaining a safe and respectful space for players to engage with complex issues. They encourage players to engage in thoughtful dialogue and to respect differing perspectives, even when in disagreement. The game aims to foster meaningful discussions and critical thinking among players.

Overall, PRESS THAT BUTTON offers a unique and entertaining way for players to explore complex ethical and moral issues. Whether it's pressing the red button or pondering whether to push the button, would you rather button or not press the button, the game challenges players to think critically about their choices and the values that inform their decision-making process, all while having fun and engaging in thoughtful dialogue with others.

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